Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

New Faces Kijang Innova

Rumors about the new face of the fifth generation Toyota Corolla was revealed. For the first time the Grand New Toyota Kijang Innova was introduced PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, told journalists in Jakarta Theatre Building on Wednesday (07/20/2011). Kijang Innova also comes with a number of changes both in exterior and interior which makes it looks fresher now.

"This is just the introductory course, its official launch later in the IIMs." call Johnny Darmawan, Johnny Darmawan, President Director of TAM.

Innova newest face did look a little different from previous models. This can be seen on the design front grille, head lamp, bumper and alloy wheels.

While inside the cabin, the new Innova has completed the latest steering rod, sunglass holder, combination meter and the interior with two tone color. With two-color display that makes the Innova is more elegant and dynamic.

"Changes This change is a Big Minor Change we have done." Kaoru Hosokawa said as Chief Engineer of Toyota's Product Planning.

Until now, TAM is still shut about the latest Innova prices. "Prices can not we say, because we do not specify this. Later when it's near our new launch time you know." said the man who has a thick mustache.

Toyota set up eight color options for Grand New Kijang Innova, including Super White, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Grey Mica Metallic, Black Mica, Light Blue Mica Metallic and Mica Metallic Dark Steel.

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