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Review New Honda Jazz RS AT 2011 - Raising The Bar

New Honda Jazz, its emergence in 2004 was pretty spectacular, not only in terms of increasing sales but also from his side of the trend that seems to have been inherent in the minds of many consumers. Imagine, had 70 awards in various countries managed to achieve in the Honda Jazz Jazz even in Indonesia itself has had 51 awards in the can from many categories.
Existence as a compact hatchback vehicle is proven with more models and variants berkembanganya issued by PT Honda Prospect Motor. And tapatnya some time ago, HPM has also released a variant version of the Honda Jazz in faceliftnya a much more stylish and sporty.Bahkan not only that, some new colors and minor change also worked on the interior without reducing the performance handalnya slightest.
Without much talk, we see a brief review of this 2011 Honda ajzz ...
Like other vehicle facelift, look into one of the characteristic changes that support the primary. Because of this Honda Jazz 2011 has an exterior structure that is clearly different from previous generations.
The front of the new hexagonal design of a new front grille look more luxurious with a touch of metallic finishing later in the design of the headlamps kolaborasikan with a much sharper as well as new front aero bumper that has been in the Arm fog lamp on a variant of this hospital. Clearly, this change makes it increasingly more sporty rather than ...
Move to the rear, Honda Jazz presents high mount LED stop lamp along with a sporty rear bumper are also equipped with a reflector for safety. Even the sporty impression is really fresh also participated in the show with the use of dimensionless alloy rims 16 "on the variant type of this hospital.

Impression of a dynamic, sporty and energy spent on the latest variant of the Honda Jazz is indeed really can not disappear, worth if HPM takes the theme "New Honda Jazz - Raising The Bar, Again" during the launch session.
The atmosphere inside the cabin also feels perubahanya, in addition to the maximum level of spaciousness as well as higher utility and safety of drivers and passengers, as well kentalnya sporty feel thanks to the new texture and color of the bench who mengabungkan blend of black and dark blue.
Driving pleasure is also growing with the feature-compatible audio system with iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, MP3 Player USB mapun. Updates color of light emitted from the audio system and multi-information LCD display on the dashboard section also adds a stylish high.
Some of the indicator panel has also been equipped with a color change directions with a uniform light color audio functions to facilitate the driver or passengers to be easily visible.
Under The Hood & Performance
On the performance side, the New Jazz still menugusung a 1.5-liter SOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine is the same as the previous generation. One of the advantages of this machine is the Drive by Wire technology and Torque Boost Resonator is capable of delivering high power and responsive acceleration mantab.
Pull to pull feels light and bertenga, it is only fair because in its class Jazz has the greatest performance by bringing the power 120 ps (88 kW) at 6600 rpm and torque of 14.8 kg (145 Nm) at 4800 rpm but still rely on the level keefesienan quite high.
Price & Style
Regarding the design was not in doubt, because so far the Jazz is famous for its stylish car is very fashionable. No wonder that most fans aka pengemarnya are those who are young at heart. Good for daily use as well as modified even in the race, the Jazz has its own reputation for lover.
New Honda Jazz AT RS 2011 which was officially released by Honda Prospect Motor priced some time ago with a price range not far with the previous generation, Rp 224 million. At launch, the New Jazz 2011 also comes with a growing range of new color variants complement its product line up.

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  1. Nice review,awesome car. Honda Jazz has many advanced features that not only are comfortable but many of them are safety features to give you a very safe ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey.Thanks for sharing this review.

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