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Review: Hyundai Grand Avega GL 1.4L AT

Since its inaugural presence at the event in the Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) 2011, Hyundai Grand Avega sufficient to provide a sensational breakthrough with a new design but with a European-style option price is quite affordable.
Dynamic display with Fluidic Sculpture design and 4-speed transmission technology Shiftonic first in its class, more and more confirmation Grand Avega has a style that is quite impressive. Innovation advanced features as well as increased comfort in the sector to create a sensation driving the new hatchback is also increasingly felt like driving a sedan.
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If you have previously given a Korean car alerts emblem "Avega" appears with mediocre design, this time Avega which has transformed into the Grand Avega comes with a futuristic design and stylish hatchback.
Overall Grand Avega look more sporty, which implied a sharp gaze of both headlamp and fog lamp grille shaped like a boomerang and is thick with the figure of European supercars cars make the characters look like look fierce. So also the side of, the curved lines of the bumper firmly connect to the handle to the rear of the front strongly support the view that aggressive.
Turning to the buttocks, the new hatchback design is more and more confirmation that the previous transition Avega changes still looks like a sedan. The hallmark of the model looks quite different dynamic stoplamp follows the contour of the curved upwards bodynya.
Log cabin chamber, the first thing visible is the two tone shades that emanated from berkelir interior color black with silver trim on several panels. Meanwhile, to accompany during the trip, in-car-entertainment was armed with compatible devices such as iPhones, USB, and CD that can be controlled via a control in the Stier.
The most important thing of a cabin is a comfortable, low seating position and roomy plus seat cushion formed menyesuiankan body shape, making driving sensations feel more comfortable and less fatigue when driving for long. The spacious cabin is also not compromising luggage, because the capacity of the trunk is quite spacious.
Underhood and performance
Armed with the story of journalist friends about Hyundai Grand Avega performance that can penetrate up to 180 kph speed with just a 1.4-liter engine, it feels a little less confident if not prove it. But after some time ago we mengebernya, Hyundai Grand Avega GL A / T proves ketangguhanya. From the manufacturer's data-type cardiac pacemaker Gamma 1.4-liter DOHC that carried the Grand Avega capable of producing 108 PS maximum power at 6300 rpm and torque of 13.9 kgm at 5000 5pm.
And the gearshift lever to pull when shifted to positions "D" then you will find smart features "Eco" indicator contained in the panel. This technology serves to move the automatic gear just in time so that the fuel becomes more efficient, as evidenced by the results obtained this car is capable of swallowing fuel 13.5 km / liter.
As for the choice shiftronik manual mode or you can shift lever position to the left. This technology helps you get more acceleration when walking on the ramp.

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